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Monthly Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner Needs

Monthly Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner NeedsDecreasing the amount of money spent on repairing or replacing home features can be done through regular home maintenance. There is a way to minimize the stress and money expended when an unexpected part of your home breaks down. Monthly maintenance enables you to keep an eye on the parts of your home that are slowly decaying and keep the new features in top shape.

Fire prevention features:

  1. Fire extinguisher. Make sure that the extinguisher is fully charged. The extinguishers need to be placed in central locations where they can be easily accessed from different rooms. And there needs to be a sufficient number of them to ensure that one can be accessed in an emergency.
  2. Smoke detector. Check the battery on your smoke detectors to make sure they are still working. Replace them if necessary. Fires cause damage that is very expensive to fix. This is especially important in California where the climate is dryer and fires are more rampant.

Maintaining the kitchen and bathroom:

  1. Drains. The sink and shower drains need to be cleaned and unclogged. Most people do not notice the build up in the drains until there is a problem that needs fixing. The sink and bathtub stoppers can be flushed with steaming water and baking soda.
  2. Garbage disposal. The gauges and valves need to be checked and cleaned or replaced if necessary. The water level gauge may need additional water.

Heating and cooling maintenance:

  1. Steam heating. The relief valve, pressure gauge, and drain expansion need to be tested and checked.
  2. Forced warm air heating. The blankets should be checked for replacement. Check the air flow to see if the unit needs to be cleaned or repaired.
  3. Heat pump. Check the filter to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. The condenser and evaporator coils should be cleaned.
  4. Evaporative AC. Filters need to be cleaned and replaced if necessary. The condenser and evaporator coils should be cleaned. On the outside, the debris should be removed from the unit.

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