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Purchasing a Home for your Family

Buying a home for yourself is difficult. Buying a home for you and your family is even more challenging. Not only will you have to consider what you want in a home, but you will also have to try to meet the needs of multiple other people. Researching more information on the schools, activities available, and the safety and security of the area is beneficial. The neighborhood has to be one where you will want to raise your children. There are specific features you should consider when purchasing a home for your family including:

  1. The size of the home.

    This is crucial. In a small home, a child playing in one room can disturb a child sleeping in another. In order to keep everyone in the household as sane as possible, it is important to provide children with a space to play and be loud without having them disrupt everyone else in the house.

    In Tacoma, in December of 2019, the average cost of a home with one bedroom is $252,000. A two-Bedroom home costs approximately $286,000, a three-bedroom is at $335,000, and four-bedroom averages to $390,000. Each cost increased from three months earlier.

  2. Be practical.

    Think through each member of your family and their specific needs. Questions to ask yourself include: If your children are young, will they have enough space in their closet for not only their clothing but their toys as well? If your children play sports, will they have a park nearby or a large enough yard to be able to accommodate for them to be able to practice their sport? Is the dining room large enough for you, your family, and any friends your kids bring over? Do you have enough outlets for everyone’s electronic devices?

  3. Safety and security.

    Feeling safe involves being safe on the inside and outside of your home. Inside safety issues to take into consideration are the design of the house and whether or not it enables you to watch your children as you work in your office or prepare food in the kitchen, the location and building of the stairs, the height and sharpness of the edges of cupboards, shelves, or countertops, and the ability to childproof the sockets. Outside safety measures to consider are the crime rate in the area, the proximity of the hospital and police, intimidating dogs, and traffic.


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