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Renovating a Home on a Budget

Renovating a home comes with excitement and fear. Excitement for what is to come, but fear of what it is going to take to reach the goal. It takes planning, workers, time, and the dreaded last factor: money. Through the following steps, you should be able to save money in your renovation. The more steps completed, the more money saved.

  1. Focus on efficiency. A small kitchen may not need to have the walls knocked down if the space already available is reorganized. Large shelves and bulky cabinets are taking up more space than necessary. Consider replacing items with furnishings that take less space and are more efficient in their storage abilities.
  2. Find recycled or lightly used items. Instead of filling your home with brand new, more expensive fixtures and brand new, more expensive building materials, find the great bargains! Habitat for Humanity is a helpful resource. In San Diego, there is one located off of Mission Road.
  3. Avoid the landfill. Instead of having to pay for your unwanted items to be placed in a landfill, research your other options. It will not only save you money, but will also help protect the natural resources. The majority of a home is reusable, have Habitat for Humanity or another similar agency come take the bulk of your home. The benefit? You do not have to pay a dime and you can have a tax break because of your donation.
  4. Have a one-time design consultation. Rather than hiring a full-on architect, where you are paying the expert a commission for all of the meetings, site visits, and drawings, meet with an architect for a one-time consultation. The sketch the architect makes can be delivered to a drafting service, which is much cheaper.
  5. Think long term. When debating on materials and fixtures, select the items that are going to save you money long term. Buying siding that is pre-painted will cost more in the moment, but will save you from having to continually pay for a new paint job.

Saving money during a home renovation is something you can control. Do the necessary work to save you from the stress of going over budget. Have any examples of how you have saved money in a renovation? Contact us with your examples.

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