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Repairing your Home’s Foundation

Repairing your Home's FoundationProblems with the foundation of your home are critical to fix right away. The longer you wait to fix the problem; the more damage there is going to be to the entire house. The good news is that technology in recent years has made the process of fixing a home easier than it used to be. You most likely will not have to move from your home and will be able to continue with your usual activities.

How do you know if the foundation is in need of repair?

People are more likely to have foundation problems in warm climates. The difficulty with a damaged foundation is that it does not happen instantaneously. Foundation issues are caused by a gradual shifting or breaking over time. In order to catch the problem early, rather than later, you have to know what to look for. If your exterior or interior doors or windows stop being able to fit into their jambs, then the foundation may have a problem. Another sign is if the floor begins to bulge or crack.

Who do you contact if the foundation is in need of repair?

A structural engineer is the person to contact once you realize that there may be a problem with the foundation. They will make an assessment of your foundation and determine the necessary steps to fix it.

Who will conduct the foundation repair?

A foundation repair company should be contacted to fix the problem. A couple foundation repair companies in San Diego include: Atlas Footing Repair, Inc., Craftsman Foundation Repair, and R-A-D Construction, Inc.

There are two types of foundational fixes that are most common: slabjacking and piering.

Slabjacking is used when the concrete has sunk. Instead of having to replace the concrete, a mixture is pumped in the foundation to make it return to its beginning position. This method is less expensive than having to replace the slab that has sunk. Piering is used when the foundation is in a more damaged state. Under the foundation that needs fixing, piers or jacks are drilled in the ground until stable soil is found. Then the jacks are raised to provide a stronger foundation to the home.

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