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Take Advantage of San Diego’s Real Estate Market 2017

With San Diego’s real estate market, median price homes are selling at an all time high of $525,000, now is the perfect time to put your house up for sale! Due to recent spikes in consumer demand and a tightening supply on housing, real estate prices are climbing at a rate outpacing most of Southern California. Whether you are getting ready to downsize or cashing in on that beachfront property on Neptune Ave, this “hot market” is a seller’s dream!

Finding a Trusted Realtor in San Diego

Finding a trusted realtor is going to make all of the difference as you tackle making one of life’s largest and most important financial decisions. Realtors will know the market like the back of their hand and are going to be invaluable resources as you begin pricing your home. In addition, they will give you easy access to their network of trusted professionals including professional stagers, photographers, contractors, and bankers.

As you begin your search for a realtor, you’ll want to have a game plan. Find a full-time realtor who will be available whenever you need them. You never know what new adventure life will bring, so being confident that you can get in touch with someone you trust is key. Additionally, know your vision, so you can find a realtor who shares that vision and will be able to keep your ideas at the forefront. That said, integrity goes a long way in real estate and a great realtor will make sure to do what is in your best interest, not just tell you exactly what you want to hear.

Making a Strong First Impression with Buyers

Time to make a tasteful first impression that’ll leave buyers hungry for more! Hiring someone to take high-quality photos will make your home stand out and give you the upper hand when pricing it in this market. These photos are going to be the first items potential buyers see, so it is important to give them a reason to venture out and take a peek for themselves! By simply implementing a few quick fixes,, you can drastically improve the quality of your images. Lighting, for example, is a useful tool that can brighten up your bedroom, giving it a beachy feel.

Building Curb Appeal

Unfortunately, people don’t abide by the “don’t judge a book by the cover” rule when it comes to house hunting, so taking the time to manicure the outside of your house is crucial. It’s not as daunting as it seems – Here are some quick tips that will make your curb appeal skyrocket!

  1. Wash your windows and pressure wash the siding
  2. Pressure wash the driveway
  3. Paint your front door (your entryway is the focal point of your house and will be the first thing that welcomes potential buyers!)
  4. Make sure your lawn is looking healthy and fertilize any patchy spots with seed or topsoil.

Putting a Price on Your Home

Putting a price on your home can seem nearly impossible to some sellers, but if you do your own research and work in conjunction with a trusted realtor, it’s sure to be a breeze! When you explore on your own, make sure to look at all similar homes for sale in your area– not just the highly-priced ones. You want your price to be as accurate of an assessment of your home as possible; it’s much better to price at par with other properties than aim too high and have to lower your price. Ultimately, your realtor will be a great adviser when coming up with the price right for you.

Choosing Rooms to Focus On

Before you put your home on the market and potential buyers come strolling through your living room, it’s time to get clean and organized! First, give your carpets a professional clean and try to stick to neutral and earth tones with your decor. You don’t want to spend too much money on renovations, but honing in on a few key rooms will go a long way.

You can really freshen up your home by paying close attention to your kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms. Kitchens are the gathering places of the home and people are drooling over open kitchens that flow right into the living room. Whether it’s giving those cabinets a fresh stain or installing new appliances, a nice kitchen will really bring the whole house together. Give the master bedroom a new, fluffy duvet topped with decorative throw pillows and add a vase with fresh flowers to the bedside table. Lastly, transform your bathrooms spaces of tranquility and buy new hand towels, giving them a clean, new home feel. After all is set, open up your windows to let in the summer breeze, leaving your home fresh, clean, and ready to go!


Last updated June 28, 2017

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