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Selling a Home with Bathroom Safety Features

The older generations of homeowners are likely to have bathroom safety features installed. If your home contains items like a grab bar, anti-slip mat, or portable commode, will it increase or decrease the chance of you selling your home? Most real estate agents and brokers would say that bathroom safety features do not attract the majority of homebuyers. The more additional features that are found in a home, the more challenging it can be for homebuyers to be able to picture themselves in that home.

The first option is to remove the bathroom safety features. Most of these accessories should be fairly easy to remove. By just taking the grab bar, anti-slip mat, and any portable commodes out, it removes the possibility of the features ever becoming a problem. Even if the home is being sold as a property that needs renovation, taking these features out is beneficial.

A problem with removing some of these features, such as a grab bar, is that the item cannot be removed without leaving traces behind. With leftover holes in the wall that may cause the buyer to hesitate in buying the home, another option to take care of the problem is to replace the features. Rather than keeping the old grab bar that was cheap, upgrade to a feature that matches the bathroom and is more stylish. Grab bars can be useful for people of any age, make them fit for people of any age.

There are several ways to remove the need of an anti-slip mat. If you are already planning in making large changes to the bathroom, consider redoing the flooring. Porcelain tile or mosaics will add a texture to the floor preventing people from slipping.

And while you are making bathroom changes, think about taking out the curb in your shower. By doing so, you create a bathroom that is more functional and safe. It means a person in a wheel chair can easily be rolled in and a person of any age will not trip!

The design and features in a bathroom are extremely important to be successful in the home selling process. Removing the bathroom safety features takes away any potential selling problems. Upgrading these features could give the home special assets. Make the right choice by at least doing something!

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