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Should You Publicize Your Move on Social Media?

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become essential parts of people’s everyday lives. We are a generation that loves to be connected to the world around us through social media. We like to express ourselves and share details about our lives via these means. But is it safe to be sharing information about your move on public websites? We would argue that the fewer details mentioned and the more caution used, the wiser the person moving.

There are many benefits to sharing the news about your move to your friends through social media.

  1. It is the easiest method to announce that you will be moving instead of having to individually share that decision with everyone.
  2. Your friends may volunteer right away to help you with your move, whether you are packing up your old home and settling into your new home.
  3. People may have advice about moving, tips on trucks, storage, where to find boxes, or even how to move your pet.
  4. You may discover new information about the area you plan on moving to the neighborhood, school system, crime rate, or demographics.

With the great benefits of announcing your move, why be cautious? The number one reason to refrain from posting details about your move is to keep the burglars away.

When you are in the process of moving, security experts suggest avoiding posting any details about your move. News of an empty home may tip off a burglar. Specifics about when you will be unloading or loading a moving van is the information a burglar would need to know to ensure that the home is empty.

In order to receive some of the advantages of publicizing your move and still being safe in how you share the news, there is a middle ground. The safest method is to simply keep those specific details out of social media and only post general information. However, if you want to include details, go to your privacy settings on each of your social media applications and adjust who is receiving the updates about your move.

Ensure that any specific information you mention (the time you are moving or the address of your new or old home) is only going to be seen by those closest to you. Once the loading and unloading are completed, the security risk decreases dramatically. At that point, feel free to allow the world to know the exciting details about your new home and location!

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