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Surviving Moving Day with Pets

Many pets are treated as part of the family. And like every family member, no one is to be left behind on moving day. Here are some tips for making a move easier on both you and your pets.

  1. When preparing to move, keep your pet’s routine. This means that if your dog is accustomed to a walk every morning, take him or her out for a walk before you leave. One of the most common mistakes a pet owner will do is change the food of the animal on the day of the move. This is not the time to test a new treat out. Special food can lead to your pet having an upset stomach and diarrhea, a problem you do not want while traveling!
  2. Have all of your pet’s paperwork in order. You will want to have their medical records handy and up-to-date.
  3. Put together a travel bag specifically for your pet. This should include their regular food, medication they may need, water, their favorite toy, and any other essential items your pet may require.
  4. If flying, try to fly directly to your final destination. You will need to research the restrictions that the airline has on pets. Some airlines may not allow pets. Others will charge extra. Each airline also has different preferences on how the pet is transported. Some airlines allow pets to be carried on, while others require pets to be placed in the cargo hold.
  5. If driving (the easier method of transportation), it is important to stop often in order to allow your pet to relieve itself and to move around for a bit. Stopping about every two hours is safe. Both dogs and cats can use a harness. It is best to keep cats in a carrier. Depending on the dog, some dogs will travel better unrestrained. Never have your pet transported in a moving truck, especially during the summer, when the heat could reach deadly temperatures.
  6. And as a last resort, there are always animal transport services. This will ensure that your pet arrives safely as these people are designated animal transporters.

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