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Take Note of These Home Inspection Red Flags

With the average one-bedroom home in Tacoma selling for $249,000 between November and December of 2019, paying for an inspection on a home you are considering buying is a wise decision. Almost all used homes have some type of maintenance need. A home inspector will be able to help you know what problems the house has currently and what problem may arise in the future.
The most costly problems home inspectors have been finding in homes lately are ones that deal with: environmental hazards, moisture, infestations, plumbing, cracks, and electrical systems. The failings of major systems in the house are going to be more costly. If the air-conditioning compressor stops working, it could potentially cost you $1,200. Problems with the roof can accumulate to $2,000-$4,000. Moisture in the basement is even more expensive, accumulating to nearly $5,000 depending on the severity of the problem.
In case there is a problem with the home that will be costly, you should have a negotiation established with the homeowner that allows you to back out of the contract or renegotiate it. The home may not be worth the cost if you have to invest a large sum of money into repairing it. If you like the home, consider having the seller provide money in escrow, give you credit, or decrease the cost of the home to make the necessary repairs.
Home inspectors will cost anywhere between 200 to 500 dollars. To make sure you get your money’s worth, ask around to find a good, qualified home inspector. One affiliation you want the home inspector to have is with the American Association of Home Inspectors. They require their home inspectors to meet specific qualifications.
The couple hundred-dollar investment in a home inspector will save you from the thousands of dollars that could accumulate in unknown maintenance and repairs.
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