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Ten Decorating Mistakes

Decorating a home includes making an array of decisions. There are colors to choose, items to pick out, placement to decide, sizes to determine, and more decisions when you consider the lighting, texture, and focus point. With the number of options and home decorating ideas out there, making a decorating mistake is quite easy. Here are 10 mistakes to be sure to avoid:

  1. Having clutter. Clutter demonstrates messiness and disorganization. It leads people to feel more anxious and stressed. It ruins the style of a home.
  2. An area rug as an island. The rug should be underneath the front legs of the furniture. It should be the anchor bringing the furniture together.
  3. Painting before choosing a bedspread. There are thousands of different shades and colors of paint to choose from but not an endless array of bedspreads. Find the bedspread you want and then pick one of the colors in that bedspread to paint.
  4. Having a variety of focal points in a room. There should only be one area that is focused on, whether that is the bed board in the bedroom or the TV in the living room.
  5. Using fake flowers and plants. They collect dust yet are not dusted on a regular basis. They do not bring the room to life like real flowers and plants. For those who can afford to buy and maintain real flowers and plants, they are the best choice. If you are living on a tighter budget, another decorating idea is to put fruit or dried flowers in a vase of water to add color and a sense of freshness.
  6. Keeping the features you dislike. If someone gifts you a piece of furniture or decoration that you find atrocious, it most likely is atrocious and should not be kept in the house. Similarly, if you purchase a house and really dislike an aspect of it, then change it.
  7. Purchasing furniture before measuring the room. Having furniture that is too large or too small for space will make the room feel uncomfortable. Measure and draw a floor plan to determine the best layout.
  8. No color. Some people are concerned about choosing the wrong color and therefore play it safe by choosing no color. This adds nothing to the room. When testing colors, be sure to look at the color at various times of the day when the lighting differs. The color will add personality and depth to the room. There is a balance, as you do not want the color to be overwhelming.
  9. Lots of knickknacks. Every surface in your home should not be covered with decorations. Consider rotating your favorite accessories and grouping similar styles together.
  10. Sofas and beds covered in pillows. Pillows as decoration are popular and stylish. But when you reach a time where you cannot comfortably sit or lie down because of the pillows, you need to donate or sell some.

Your home is your palace. Create it to be a place you feel comfortable and get away from the stress of everyday life. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to a comfortable and well-decorated home! What are some of your biggest decorating mistakes you’ve made in the past?

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