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The Ideal American Home

Through a survey conducted by the Demand Institute, America’s top home desires were discovered. The first five on the list were: homes that are energy efficient, renovated, have remodeled kitchens, are fit for the elderly, and are in a safe community. In the survey, the participants had to respond to questions indicating what they valued in a home and their satisfaction of that item in their current home.

The ideal American home has 5 more essential components:

  1. It’s affordable. Buying a home involves risk. But buying a home outside of one’s budget is buying a home with unnecessary risk. Out of the participants in the survey, 81% believe it is important that people purchase a home in their budget. Out of these participants, 60% were satisfied with the amount they spend on their home.
  2. It’s private. People want to have their own private space. When a homeowner leaves the busyness of the day to come home, they don’t want to feel like their neighbors are watching them. Sixty-three percent of the participants believe that a home should be private. Of the 63%, 42% were currently content with the privacy of their home.
  3. It’s spacious. As families expand and adults age, they tend to accumulate more and more belongings. With stuff, comes the need for space. Almost 50% of American households have more than one refrigerator and freezer and two or three TV’s. Of the participates, 55% think good storage space in an important aspect of a home, with 35% content with their current storage space.
  4. It has a good landlord. A home could be a perfect fit, but if the landlord is unresponsive, the enjoyment found in the home is ruined. Forty-eight percent of the participants value a good landlord. There were 28% that were content with their landlord.
  5. It’s a good investment. A home needs to be a long-term investment that adds wealth. Out of the participants, 65% thought it was important that a home be a long-term investment. Forty-seven percent believed that their current home was a good investment. Overall, Americans believe that purchasing a home is a good investment for households to make.

If you are looking to purchase a home, make sure to create a list of the components you believe are important in a home. That will keep you from being one of the participants in this survey who was not currently satisfied with their home. Your home will be a great long-term investment if it is going to keep you happy long term.

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