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The Importance of a Bill of Lading

Moving? Do not lose the bill of lading. A bill of lading is one of the most important documents when moving. The term “bill of lading” is derived from Old English. “Lading” comes from the word “loading.” In the past, it was used for the loading of a ship. Today, a bill of lading is used to transport goods on boats, planes, trains, or cars.

Why is the bill of lading important when moving?

The bill of lading document is primarily used as a receipt, ensuring that the carrier you are using to move your belongings delivers everything on time and in the right condition. It is the method used for you, the owner of the belongings, to be sure the movers are completing what you are paying them to do.

What is on a bill of lading?

1. The first piece of information found in this document is the name and address of the company you are using to move. There may be multiple companies listed, depending on how many companies you chose to use. The companies’ contact information and the ID number of the vehicle they will be using for the move should also be documented.

2. The specifics of your move will be included: what time and day the movers will pick your belongings up and what time and day they will deliver them.

3. The payment method after the belongings are delivered will be listed. The best way to pay for the move is to use a credit card or check to have a receipt for the payment.

4. The total cost for the entire move, including any extra costs acquired along the way, will be determined before the move begins.

5. The address of where you want your belongings to be delivered. Be sure to double-check this piece of information because a mistake here may cause you much more stress than necessary.

6. Lastly, there will be a list of all of your belongings that are being moved.

Important note about the bill of lading

Make sure to carefully read this document before taking the final step of signing it. You are responsible for understanding the bill of lading and being content with the information detailed on it.

Moving is a stressful experience, and costs can add up quickly. Take all of the necessary precautions when searching for a moving company. Check online reviews, call your local realtor, and ask your friends for reputable moving companies you can trust in your home and with all belongings. It’s also best to set up an in-home estimate before signing or agreeing to anything.

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