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The Importance of the Size of the Home

When it comes to purchasing a house in San Diego, what size is the best? Do homes fit the saying, “the bigger the better” or do they fit the quote, “good things come in small packages?” Here are 10 areas that should be considered when determining the size of your next home.

buying a home in san diego

  1. Your budget. It is best not to purchase a home that will max out your finances. There are always extra costs that you do not take into account. If you are considering increasing the size of your family, remember that your expenses will grow.
  2. Resale. Knowing the San Diego Real Estate market and what houses are being sold easily is important in determining whether or not the house you purchase will keep its value when being sold again. If houses with only 1 bathroom do not sell well, then maybe you should not purchase a home with 1 bathroom.
  3. Activities. Depending on what you and your family enjoy for entertainment, you may need a larger or smaller house. For example, if your children love sports, an extra room for them to be able to practice would be beneficial.
  4. Yard. Be realistic in determining how big of a lawn you need. Take into account the time you have to maintain the yard or the money you have to keep it maintained.
  5. Future. Plan to have your starter home accommodate for any changes you foresee happening in the future. If you want to have more children, anticipate an aging parent to come live with you, or want to have pets, make sure your house meets those desires. Homeowners tend to have their starter home longer than they plan.
  6. Be flexible. Look for ways to change rooms and make them into the space that you desire. That may mean the attic will become the third bedroom, or the office turns into a new bathroom.
  7. Space. A house should be large enough that no one feels like they are constantly running into one another. Each person should have his or her own space and there should be one space for everyone.
  8. Be realistic. If you eat out frequently, you probably will not need the large kitchen. If you and your spouse already own a king-sized bed, make sure the master bedroom is large.
  9. Necessities. You do not need to purchase extra space if you do not have a reason for the space. It will turn into an area that you hardly use and that you still have to furnish and clean.
  10. Storage. Consider the closets, basement, and other areas of storage. Make sure that the house will easily hold everything you are bringing. If it already feels stuffed, it will only feel more crammed as time goes on.

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