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The New Color of 2015!

The year of 2014 was filled with Radiant Orchid. It is a pinky purple that is known for being a bold yet warm color. With the year coming to an end, Pantone has announced that the new color of 2015 is Marsala!

Marsala is a dark red tone. The name is derived from Marsala wine, a wine that comes from Sicily. It is going to be found in upcoming fashion: clothing, make-up, and accessories. But is also going to be seen in real estate: home furniture, interior design, and accent pieces. It has an earthy tone bringing warmth in a rich, stylish and sophisticated manner.

Marsala is a unifying color that is also universally appealing. It was selected as the color of 2015 because of its versatility. It is attractive to men and women, looks striking on a variety of skin tones, increases the warmth and richness of a home, and is appealing on textured and smooth surfaces, patterned or solid pieces.

In real estate, we are going to be seeing this color in a variety of ways. Marsala will be found in floral and striped patterns throughout the home as well as in bold, solid colored sections. We will be seeing patterned Marsala colored rugs, lamps, blankets, and pillows in the living and bedrooms, with dishware and place mats in the dining room and kitchen. Solid colored Marsala will be used to paint walls and to color furniture.

Find ways to include Marsala in your next home renovation. By doing so, you will be adding elegance to your home. It gives off a natural, earthy element in a sophisticated manner, attracting the majority of people. Be in style in the new year by adding the color of 2015 to your home!

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