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The Top 5 Worst States for Retirement

The Top 5 Worst States for RetirementTrying to figure out where to retire? Make sure you avoid these states– they are certainly not the top states to live in. The rankings are done by the Council for Community and Economic Research, considering the cost of living, health care quality, personal well-being, sunshine, humidity, property crime, violent crime, and taxes. The worst states to retire in are:

  1. New York. With its high taxes, high cost of living, and congested living, New York made it to the top of the list of being the worst state to retire in. The taxes help pay for the state’s subways, parks, and police force. The cost of living is ranked the fourth highest in the U.S. And with 8.4 million people located in the five boroughs, New York is full of high rising buildings trying to make room for everyone.
  2. West Virginia. Despite having gorgeous mountains, this state is considered the second worst state to retire in because of its health and wellness. The health care system is considered the second worst in the U.S. People are hospitalized because of avoidable circumstances.
  3. Alaska. With its frigid temperatures and lack of sunshine, this state can be a bit depressing. Though their taxes are one of the lowest in the U.S., their health care system is also ranked one of the lowest in the country. The cost of living is the second highest, right below that of Hawaii.
  4. Arkansas. It is considered the 7th cheapest state for retirees to live. However, that seems to be the only advantage. It has high taxes and a high crime rate and low wellness and low healthcare scores. The humidity in the summer also makes it a less than enjoyable place to live.
  5. Hawaii. Known as one of the best states for tourists, Hawaii seems to have everything a retiree would enjoy. It is remote, has beautiful beaches, nice weather, a laid-back culture, and great wildlife. But, its greatest drawback: the price. Unless you are rolling in the dough, Hawaii is difficult to afford. Hawaii is considered the most expensive state for retirement.

Where does California fit in? Out of the 50 states, New York being the 50th state in the rankings, West Virginia the 49th, and so forth, California is the 28th. Not terrible, but not great either. The biggest contributor to it’s lower score? Cost of living and taxes. Good thing we make up for it in our great well-being and sunshine averages!

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