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Top 10 Cities with a Strong Housing Market in 2015

What makes a city have a good housing market? There are three criteria agreed upon by the majority of realtors. First, the city has to have an increase in the homes that are available to be purchased. Second, the homes that are on the market need to be listed with affordable prices. Third, the homes listed should be sold at a quick pace. The top 10 cities with a strong housing market in 2015 are predicted to be:

  1. Atlanta. This city has had its tough years. One of the slowest cities to recover from the housing market crash, Atlanta is looking great for 2015. It is predicted to have a 7% rise in the number of households, 11% growth in home sales, and an increase in jobs.
  2. Dallas. Dallas had a great last year. It became recognized as one of the best housing markets in the US. In 2015, it is predicted to remain one of the best. The number of new homes being constructed has and should continue to be stable. The number of homes being sold is predicted to rise by 7%.
  3. Denver. This city is predicted to have the highest increase in number of homes sold compared to any other city in 2015, with an estimation of a 14% growth. Denver has had a solid economy, with records being broken for the number of jobs available.
  4. Des Moines, IA. This city may come as a surprise to many. But as the affordability of homes becomes more difficult on the coasts, the Midwest is drawing in the millennials. With great employment opportunities and a low unemployment rate, Des Moines is looking great in the real estate world for 2015.
  5. Houston. Another city in Texas with a great housing market, Houston has and is expected to stay as one of the best cities for real estate. In 2014, this city broke records in the employment sector. The employment opportunities prove to be stable as employment growth is expected to rise another 4% in 2015.
  6. Los Angeles. Though this city is known to have homes that are not affordable, Los Angeles makes up for its high prices with a predicted strong employment growth and increase in home sales. Unfortunately, the home prices are expected to grow another 4%.
  7. Minneapolis. Minneapolis has the second highest number of home owning millennials in the nation. Why? Because the homes are affordable, the job market is strong, and new homes are being constructed.
  8. Phoenix. This city is considered one of the top 5 cities in the US for the number of new homes being constructed. With new homes come more people. The number of households is expected to rise by 7% from now until 2020.
  9. San Jose, CA. The second Californian city on this list, San Jose is also not the most affordable city. However, the city is breaking records in the number of jobs available, with a low unemployment rate. It is also expected to have a 7% growth in homes sold.
  10. Washington, D.C. In comparison to cities across the US, Washington D.C. is expected to have the third highest percentage in home-owning households. Though 2014 was not a great year for home sales, 2015 is predicted to have a 10% increase.

These are the 10 cities predicted to have the best housing market in 2015. 2014 was a great year for the housing market. Hopefully 2015 is going to surpass its predecessor!

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