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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends

Top 10 Kitchen Design TrendsThe kitchen: the room that brings everyone together. Whether food is being prepared, guests are being entertained, or families are eating meals together, the kitchen is the center of a home. Remodeling your kitchen is important to make it suitable for all of the activity. Here are 10 current kitchen design trends.

  1. Gray cabinets. White cabinets have been the top trend for cabinets for years. However, lately, gray cabinets are taking over and may surpass white.
  2. Hydraulic cabinet doors and drawers. Instead of cabinet doors and drawers being opened through being pulled out or sideways, the new way to open cabinets is through folding them upwards. Not only is it helpful for space, it will keep you and your family from hitting their heads on the doors.
  3. Black and white. It won’t go wrong. People love the contrast these two colors make, no matter the style of the kitchen. Having white cabinets with black countertops and a hardwood floor looks chic.
  4. Colored features. Colored walls can be a bit overwhelming, but a colored sink or light fixture in a neutral kitchen can add just the right amount of color. It draws a person in and gives them a focal point.
  5. Bold fixtures. You can make the kitchen more exciting through adding color, but you can also do so through adding bold fixtures. Changing lights, faucets, and handles to make them bold will give the kitchen more depth.
  6. Max storage space. Kitchens always seem to be running out of space. People want the kitchen that maximizes the amount of space available. Hidden storage spaces that fold out or compartmentalize are always helpful.
  7. Technology. It impacts every part of our lives these days and should be implemented in the kitchen as well. Including sensor-activated lights and automated faucets benefit the young and the old.
  8. Look-alike countertops. Countertops are essential and define the style of a kitchen. They can also break your budget. Look-alikes are a great idea for those looking to save money and still have a stylish kitchen.
  9. Quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are one of the most sought after countertops. It can be found in an assortment of neutral colors and is perfect for families because it does not scratch and resists heat and spills.
  10. Farmhouse sink. It’s timeless. The cast-iron sink with an apron-front will add a focal point to the kitchen. It is best for a medium to large kitchen.

If there is a room worth the renovation, it is the kitchen. Following these trends will make your home stylish yet comfortable. Have features in your kitchen that bring it all together? Tell us what they are!

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