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Top 20 Reasons to Live in San Diego

Ever wondered, “Why move to San Diego?” These top twenty reasons we love San Diego will help you take the plunge and move.

  1. It’s 70 Degrees all year round. Whether it’s winter or summer, it’s always 70 degrees. Some parts reach the 80s to 100s at times during the year. There’s beautiful weather all the time.
  2. Cost of living is ideal. Compared to LA and the Bay Area, rent and mortgages are fairly low, leaving you the opportunity to get the big city experience without breaking the bank.
  3. Beaches…enough said. San Diego beaches destroy all other beaches. With options like Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach & Mission Beach combined with the always optimal weather, everyone can enjoy some fun in the sun no matter what day of the week.
  4. San Diego Zoo is out of this world. The zoo is one of the most iconic attractions about San Diego. Enjoy a relaxing walk though the city owned zoo and experience the beautiful scenery and wildlife.
  5. Cruise the ocean. Take a whale watching cruise and see the dolphins and in the summer you may even get to watch some great blue whales as they migrate from Alaska to Mexico.
  6. La Jolla Cove is amazing. Just north of downtown is La Jolla Cove, with the most beautiful stretch of wild life preserve and crystal clear water. Visit the tide pools and children’s beach or kayak through the sea caves.
  7. It’s a great place to get educated. With three large universities and many community colleges, San Diego is perfect for students looking for education and a great experience.
  8. It’s always casual. You’ll fit right in while you run errands downtown in your gym clothes or your maxi dress and flip flops.
  9. You can find the best burger you’ve ever tasted. There is a line down the block at Hodad’s on Ocean Beach for a reason. Plus Neighborhood is packed every night of the week in the East Village. Let’s not forget Burger Lounge in Hillcrest, which offers a green burger.
  10. There’s great beer. It’s # 3 on the Forbes Best Beer Cities list. San Diego knows it’s way around tasty IPA beer, beer festivals and local breweries.
  11. Balboa Park is magical. Balboa Park is one of the largest urban green areas in the country. There’s also an outdoor organ show, Japanese Friendship Garden as well as the global village.
  12. It’s a great place for the family. You can entertain your kids nonstop in San Diego. With the zoo, museums, beaches, parks, Legoland and SeaWorld, your options are endless.
  13. There are many ways to stay healthy. Want to do some Yoga? Muay Thai boxing? Kendo? Surfing? Running? Rock Climbing? If you’re interested in it, they’ve got it!
  14. Del Mar is a blast. It’s home to the San Diego County Fair. Plus, you can catch a horse race near the ocean. It’s a great place to kick off summer.
  15. Torrey Pines Natural Reserve is breathtaking. It’s located between La Jolla and Del Mar, just 20 minutes north of San Diego. It is a beautiful nature preserve.
  16. December nights come to life. Each December, Balboa Park does a fantastic holiday lights display and the museums open their doors to the public for two days of holiday cheer. It’s one of the largest events in the city.
  17. Farmers’ markets are everywhere. Between Tuesday to Sunday, you can find a farmers’ market in just about every neighborhood. There are too many to name, but don’t miss Ocean Beach, where the vendors share space with live bands and offer llama rides on Wednesdays.
  18. The Mexican food will blow your mind. The closeness to the border also means that San Diego has some stellar Mexican cuisine.
  19. Carlsbad Flower Fields will captivate your senses. Between early spring through May, you can see and smell the impressive, beautiful fields at Carlsbad Ranch.
  20. Old downtown is still great. Of course it’s a tourist attraction, but it is still a charming place to grab a bite to eat and see a bit of California history.

If you weren’t sure about living in San Diego before, you probably are now. It’s great place to live whether you’re single, raising a family or just ready to settle down and enjoy the beauty of the sun.

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