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Top 5 Home Inspection Mistakes

Top 5 Home Inspection MistakesHaving a home inspected is crucial to ensure that the home is a good investment and safe for people to live in. It is important to understand the home inspection process in order to make it worth the expense. Here are five home inspection mistakes that, if avoided, will help you get the most out of the home inspection and potentially save you large sums of money.

  1. New Homes = Well Constructed Homes. Just because a home is new and has passed the local codes does not mean the house was constructed correctly. It is better to be safe, and have all areas inspected, than to be sorry and find out one of the new sections was constructed wrong.
  2. Cheapest = Best Choice. When choosing a home inspector, you want the professional who is the most qualified, most competent, and who is trustworthy. It is similar to having a physical at the doctors; you do not want the doctor who is going to miss the health problem only to let it come back in full force at a later date.
  3. Inspector Report = Sufficient Information. A written report should not satisfy you. Going along with the inspector to the home will give you more information than a report can provide. If you and the inspector do not understand each other perfectly, then a minor problem could seem major or vice versa. Going along allows you to ask questions and be on the same page.
  4. Inspector Recommendations = Not Necessary Fixes. When your inspector recommends fixing a specific problem, have the problem evaluated and talk through estimates for the repair. Before closing, you need to have a good idea how much a defect will cost because you may not realize its expense.
  5. Home Inspector = Psychic. The home inspector cannot tell the future. They can give you an estimate of how long something is supposed to last, but that does not guarantee that it will. Go see a specialist for the system you are concerned about if you want a more detailed report.

Hire a home inspector to empower you with knowledge of your home. With a trustworthy, competent, and well-qualified inspector, you will receive a realistic perspective of your home. They will help equip you to make a wise, responsible decision. Know of any home inspectors that is trustworthy, competent, and well-qualify in the San Diego area? Tell us in the comments below!

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