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Top Five Ways to Create a Safe Bedroom

The average adult will be in their bed for approximately one third of their life. As a person ages and their bodies become more fragile, it is important that they have easy access to their bed. It should be a priority to make the bedroom safe. What are the areas you need to inspect and/or change to best suit the elderly?

  1. The bed. The bed should be a piece of furniture that someone can easily get in and out of. There are two main options: have a bed that is low enough that a person can sit down on the bed without having to climb it or have a bed that is adjustable and can be lowered when it is time to get in or out.
  2. The lighting. With poor lighting, the chances of someone tripping or hitting something increase substantially. As we age, our bones become more brittle and the risk of the damage done in a trip or by hitting an object also increases. The solution to this problem is to have good lighting during the day and a nightlight in the room during the night.
  3. The closets. The higher the shelves, the higher the risk. The shelves should be low and easy to access. There should be plenty of light reaching the closets or a light inside the closet to keep a person from having to strain their eyes. Heavy objects should not be stored high.
  4. The location of the bedroom. Homes that are more than one level often have the bedrooms upstairs. For seniors, this creates the risk of them falling down the stairs. Though an elderly may argue against having their room relocated, once they make the move, they will question why they have been going through the hassle of climbing up and down the stairs for so long.
  5. The furniture. Make sure that all of the furniture does not have any sharp edges or pieces sticking out. Either buy new furniture or place the furniture in such a way that nobody will be jabbed by or trip over the furniture. Also, make sure all of the drawers are easy to open.

Making senior housing safe is an important way to show our love for the elderly. Securing a safe bathroom for senior citizens is also an important aspect to safe living. Prevent your loved ones from experiencing unnecessary health risks.

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