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What To Keep and What To Leave When Selling Your Home

It’s that time again. Whether you are changing jobs, in need a bigger home, or are looking for a new location, it’s time to move to a new home! With a new home comes the ability to really change how you decorate, set up, and arrange your house. The new home is going to look different, feel different, and be different. As you move, you are going to have to consider what to keep from your old house, what to leave in your old house, and what to sell or throw away. Answering these questions can be tough. Instead of only thinking about what it is that you want, you will also need to consider what it is that a buyer may want to find in your home. Let us help you work through what to keep and what to leave when selling your home.

What should you leave at the house?

A home should not be stripped of all items. Homebuyers are expecting the home to still have appliances from the previous owner. As you move, if you were to take out every part of the home that belongs to you on the inside and the outside, the odds of selling your home at a good price would decrease. Taking everything out removes the beauty of the home and decreases the practicality of moving into that home for the next homeowner.

Built in items. Any item that is built in should be left in. Typically, built in items include shelving, desks, closets, or bookshelves. Let the next homeowner enjoy how you used the space.

Custom made items. The furniture, décor, and appliances that you had built for that specific home should stay that in that particular home. Why? First, if items were designed and custom made for that home; they are most likely not going to fit in your new home. Second, custom-made items are going to help your home sell.

The landscape. Flowers, bushes, trees, and grass should all be left in the yard. You do not want the home to have brown patches from sections where specific plants were removed and transported to a new home. If there are specific plants you love and do not want to part with, do some research on what portion of the plant you could cut and replant.

Security features. If the alarm system you have at the house is wireless, than that can be transported and taken to your new home. Other security systems should be left, but can be canceled until the new homeowners decide to use them. Fire safety features like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems should be left at the house.

Keys. You will have to leave behind any keys you have for the home. If you have locks on the doors, windows, or cabinets, leave the keys behind for the next homeowner. To make it easy for the next homeowner, either leave the key inside the lock or lay out the keys with labels. Most people do not enjoy finding a stack of keys with no knowledge of what they belong to.

What should you take from the house?

After going through the items that you should leave in the house, then there are the items that you should take with you.

Personal items. Your decorations, the family pictures on the refrigerator, the movies and books, the bedding, the dishware, these are all the types of items that you should not leave at the home. They are all little pieces that make it your home. A new homebuyer is not going to want to have to determine what to do with the items you left behind that have no significance to them.

What items could you leave or take?

After going through the items that you should leave in the house, then the items that you have to take from the house, you are left with all of the items that could either stay or go. With these items, you are going to have to put more consideration into what a homebuyer would want to find in a home and what you really want to take with you. If an item does not fall under those two categories, it is best that you find a way to get rid of it: sell, give, or throw away. Leaving unnecessary items in a home that you are trying to sell is not going to benefit you.

Appliances. A microwave, dishwater, washing machine, clothes dryer, and refrigerator are the top appliances homeowners’ use. The appliance used regularly not mentioned on this list is an oven. Lenders sometimes require ovens to be in a home before they approve of a loan. Therefore, if you are moving to a new home, you may need to install your oven into the new home for the loan approval process. When it comes to the rest of the appliances, you can choose what stays and what goes. Buyers typically prefer a home with the big appliances already installed. However, if a buyer already has all of the appliances, then they would not want or need yours to be left.

An outdoor play set. If the prospective buyers have children, then leaving your play set could be extra incentive for them to buy your home. Leaving any and all play sets behind is not wise. The play set must be in great condition, preferably custom made.

Kitchen organizers. A kitchen can be a hard room to keep organized. With recipe books, ingredients, tupperware, and dishware all in one location, having tools to keep all of the items neat and tidy is every homeowners dream. If you have those appliances: a spice rack, custom-made drawer dividers, or a custom pantry unit, consider offering those items to the new homebuyer.

Décor upgrades. Homeowners love to add their own flare and style to a home through the décor. If the décor you have at the home is an upgrade to the home, consider leaving some of it behind. Examples of décor that people appreciate: light fixtures and curtains. If both of these items were made particularly for your home and have a special feature to them, think about leaving them behind.

Even if you choose to leave some of these items, it does not necessarily mean that the next homeowner is going to want them. You will have to discuss and make an agreement with the next homeowner on what they want to be left in the house. If they do want a few of the additional items, you may be able to increase the cost of the home.

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