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What’s the Difference Between a Realtor and Broker?

Difference Between a Realtor and BrokerWhen you are beginning the process of selling or buying a home for the first time, real estate terms can be confusing. The titles of the professionals are not always clear as many use them interchangeably, correctly and incorrectly. This will help you understand the similarities and differences between a real estate agent, salesperson, broker, broker associated and realtor.

Real estate agent/salesperson. A real estate agent and real estate salesperson are the same. This professional will have a real estate license. The requirement for their license is dependent upon each state. For California, the individual will have to have successfully finished three college classes including Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practice, along with a third class that they can choose from. Then they will have applied and passed the state exam. The real estate agent can have a license as a salesperson or broker.

Real estate broker. The broker will have been a real estate agent/salesperson for at least two years. For California, these professionals have more educational requirements than the agent, needing to pass eight college level classes. They will have to qualify and then pass a state exam. If they pass, they have to be approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate before they obtain their license. Brokers work independent or hire agents/salespersons. A real estate broker associate meets the same requirements of the broker but has decided to work under the broker.

Realtor. A realtor is one step above a real estate agent/salesperson. They are required to be members of the National Association of Realtors. As a member, that must obey the rules of the group and uphold the code of ethics.

People seeking to buy or sell a home will most often work directly with a real estate agent/salesperson or broker associate. These professionals will report to the broker. The broker is responsible for the agents and associate under him or her.

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